Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Ruthless blog is now up and running!

Welcome to the Ruthless blog! Our purpose is to help investors still caught in the chill of the Auction Rate Securities (ARS) freeze and to make sure those responsible for this scandal are exposed. The February 13, 2008 ARS market collapse isn’t over. Yes, we’ve regained $200 billion. But Tens of thousands of investors still struggle to regain approximately $120-$150 billion in illiquid cash. So we are targeting the holdouts--the banks and brokerages that refuse to do the right thing and make all ARS investors whole.

Please take a moment to visit our website at Our site is linked with other Web partners and bloggers. We’ve learned a lot from our past battles, and we will put that hard-earned knowledge to work for you.

Our message is clear: Don’t give up. Be ruthless — and win!

More information will be coming soon. Please feel free to comment and spread the word. Thank you! - Phil

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